Transportation Project


Currently, the only transportation at the orphanage is two motorcycles. Because of this, the children of JCH are required to walk 45 minutes each way for school and church, on potentially unsafe roads. Each day, part of the walk the children have to make back & forth to school consists of a steep, rocky hill that is very dangerous for pedestrians and motorists alike. On a December day in 2017, a large work truck lost control on this hill while the children were walking to school. The children were on the hill at the same time the truck overturned. Praise God they were all able to scrambled up into the wooded area, above the road, experiencing only minor injuries. This is just one experience the children have had that stresses the importance of safe transportation.

Other inconveniences to not having a vehicle include the challenge of getting enough food and water, for a family with 29 children, back to the house. We are currently seeking support/donations to raise money to purchase an appropriate vehicle. Ideally, a school bus, or a large truck or van, would allow for the daily transportation needs to be met, and it would provide a way to get missionaries and guests to where they need to be. Other benefits to having a vehicle of this type would be that it would provide the ability to haul food from Port Au Prince, where each dollar has considerably more purchasing power. We would also be able to bring passengers to and from Port Au Prince, and haul goods to help meet others’ needs, which would help offset the fuel cost of these trips.

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