Swing Set

Swing Set

After returning from our first trip to Jerusalem Children’s Home in January of 2018, I had an uneasy feeling that I just couldn’t shake. What kept rolling around in my mind was how quiet the grounds were, given that there were 25 children. I would see a child kicking a rock or a couple of them playing a game of patty cake. Maybe some singing here and there, but it was quiet. Too quiet.

We made the decision that when we returned in July, we would build them a swing set. I ordered a hardware kit online and packed it up in a duffle bag, hoping it would make it to Haiti. When we landed in Port Au Prince, we found several of our duffle bags had been damaged and broken open. Praise God, all of the parts to the swing set made it safely! The lumber we needed was purchased at MSC Lumber in Port Au Prince and trucked up for final assembly.

The day finally came. The swing set was built. The children were ecstatic about the potential for fun and play. It took about three minutes to have every child fighting for their turn. We got them all lined up and they each patiently waited (for the most part) for their turn. But the sound, oh the glorious sound, of children laughing and playing! No doubt the whole town could tell something special was happening.

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