Nutrition Programs

Nutrition Programs

We have ongoing projects that include programs intended to help meet the nutritional needs of the children of JCH. At this time, we are looking to raise money to purchase land that can be used for a garden. The garden vegetables will supply the vitamins and minerals currently lacking in the children’s mostly carbohydrate diet.

We have installed a small chicken coop to provide eggs that supply the protein needed for growing healthy minds and bodies. This is a starter program that will need to grow in short time. Also, once enough eggs are being produced, they can be sold to the community, increasing the sustainability of JCH.

Thanks to the generosity of one donor, we were able to purchase two goats, with the hope of supplying some milk for the orphans. After over a year of trying to mate the goats, we have been blessed with the birth of two females. We hope, in time, to be able to purchase more goats to provide a meaningful source of milk for the children.

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