Missionary Guest House

Missionary Guest House

This is the Missionary Guest House. In January 2018, Reedson Maurancy (President and Director of Jerusalem Children’s Home), shared with us his vision of having a beautiful guest house on the grounds of the JCH orphanage. In July of 2019, Mountains to Mountains Ministries was able to complete this project due to the kindness and generosity of many donors. This guest house provides our missionaries with the unique experience of living with the orphans and the Maurancy’s during their time in Haiti. We would love to have you join us on a trip to Bombardopolis to meet the children and the family at Jerusalem Children’s Home!

It took eighteen months and three separate mission teams, working alongside skilled, Haitian builders, to complete the Missionary House. Laborers were hired to complete this large building for JCH, contributing to the community’s economy. It is important to Mountains to Mountains Ministries that we provide work opportunities for the people in the community. We look to hire help for most every project, and whenever possible, we purchase materials locally.

This is, by far, Mountains to Mountains Ministries’ most ambitious project to date. It features three large living quarters which allows for up to 30 people total; a cafeteria (which the orphans use during their meals); and overhead ceiling fans in each room.

The new bathroom facility (which took the place of the old outhouse) is equipped with American style toilets, sinks, and showers. A large cistern sits on top allowing for flowing showers and faucets, and flushing toilets.

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