Leadership Team

Greg Allard

Founder / President

After several years of serving in Haiti with other organizations, Greg had to admit that he felt a restlessness and came to recognize that he was being called to do something more. It was during his trip to JCH in January 2018 that he began to see God’s plan for Mountains to Mountains Ministries. That trip was the start of a lifelong friendship between Greg and Reedson Maurancy (director of JCH), a man he now calls his brother.

Lance Cross

Vice President

For two decades, Lance has been involved with missions. He has traveled to a number of countries to advance His kingdom in the earth. In 2018, Lance received his Master of Theology, and had the honor to accompany Greg Allard on an exploratory mission trip to Bombardopolis, Haiti. Lance and Greg have been friends since 2014. In the course of getting to know each other, Lance felt called to come alongside Greg’s vision to start Mountains to Mountains Ministries.

Julie Allard


Over the past several years, Julie has served in multiple ministries at her church. Along with her many years of fundraising experience—raising money to help her husband Greg and sons Jake, Shawn, and PJ join several mission trips to Haiti—her service has prepared her well for her role as Secretary and Treasurer of Mountains to Mountains Ministries. She feels privileged and honored to have been called to this role by the Holy Spirit. Julie looks forward to the day she joins the team on the ground in Haiti.

Reedson Maurancy

Director of Jerusalem Children’s Home Orphanage

Reedson found his appeal to start Jerusalem Children’s Home orphanage at the age of 13, when he began preaching the gospel in several cities around Haiti. He met an American pastor who encouraged him and offered to help Reedson in starting a ministry he felt called to, serving orphans and widows. Through the continued prayers of many friends and family, God was faithful after giving Reedson a vision for the orphanage. Reedson has committed to stand by his orphanage in faith, because God has always stood with him. In January 2018, God sent 2 samaritans, Greg Allard and Lance Cross, to come alongside and assist with his mission at JCH and in Bombardopolis.

Guito Jean

Lead Translator

Guito was born July 4th, 1984 and began learning English when he was in primary school. It was his dearest desire to be an English teacher and a translator. He created the New Dream English Course in 2006, so that he could help his fellow Haitians to learn English. Guito says that he loves English, and thanks to English he has met many people through being an interpreter, who have since become his friends.