Current Projects


The number one priority for Mountains to Mountains Ministries, at this time, is to achieve full sponsorship of all the children. Please consider sponsoring one of our precious children. You can make an ongoing difference for as low as $25 per month.

Missionary Guest House

Our primary project is the completion of an on-site guest house, at Jerusalem Children’s Home Orphanage. This guest house will allow the hosting of up to 30 people, providing much needed income for the operation of the orphanage.

Nutrition Programs

Other ongoing projects include programs to meet the nutritional needs of the children of JCH. At this time, we are looking to raise money to purchase land that can be used for a garden. The garden will supply the vitamins and minerals currently lacking in the children’s mostly carbohydrate diet. We have installed a small chicken coop to provide eggs that supply the protein needed for growing, healthy minds and bodies. This is a starter program that will need to grow in short time. Also, once enough eggs are being produced they can be sold to the community, increasing the sustainability of JCH.

New Bathrooms

Currently under construction, but still in need of funding, is a new bath house. This includes two bathrooms and a shower. This building will replace the current outhouse. The new building will create a much more pleasant experience for guests.


At this time, the only transportation at the orphanage is two motorcycles. Because of this, the children of JCH are required to walk 45 minutes each way for school. Plus, many more inconveniences, such as getting enough food for a family with 25 kids back to the house.

We are currently seeking support/donations to raise money to purchase an appropriate vehicle. A school bus would allow for the daily transportation need to be met, and it would provide a way to get missionaries and guests to where they need to be.

Bunk Beds

We will be building bunk beds for the guest house and for the orphans' dorms.